The Magnificant Mal

The Background Story

So a few weeks ago I was invited to the Malmaison Belfast to try out their new Summer Menu. Technically I wasn’t invited it was Ian & Ruth but thanks to ohhSocial I was able to tag along.

Malmaison is a member of the Frasers Hospitality group consisting of 15 boutique Hotels throughout the UK each with its own unique charm.  mal-belfast-2mal-belfast-bar-1

I’d been to the Mal a couple of times, for meetings mostly but never had a chance to taste their food. So I was eager and ready to eat!

I donned a sensible attire, dark navy skinny jeans (stretch fit), a pink shirt (with room for food belly), a pair of brown brogues and an oversized trench coat (are you seeing a trend?).

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Welcome, if you’ve taken the time to click on my website then you must really want to get to know me.

Well my name’s Caelan, I’m in my late 20’s but living life like I’m in my late 50’s or so I keep being told… Steady job, car, home owner, husband to be (Ian) and the proud father to Bailey, Frank & Mervyn (our rescue animals).

I’m not really sure what else to write here, except the fact that I don’t know why I have started a blog. I’ve just finished part-time study of Computing so I’ve some free time on my hands and I’m fortunate enough to tag along to events and I thought why not give my own opinion.

You might be wondering why The Better Half? Well my other half refers to me as his better half all the time so I just thought you know what that’s a pretty cool blog name and it just stuck! I really believe that we all have a Better Half, whether that’s within ourselves or another person, it can just take you a while to find it!

I’m a lover of Food, Fashion & Photography not to mention the three T’s Travel, Technology & Television. These are the things that interest me and you’ll agree will give me plenty to talk about.

So keep reading and  I hope you like the blog.